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Running on the tallest building in the Czech Republic.

September 22, 2024!

The race is also listed as the Czech Championship in running up the stairs for 2024


Track description and proposition:

Staircase in AZ Tower (Pražákova 1008/69 Brno) Competitors must run only using their own power. Use of the lift is prohibited. The time is evaluated using electronic chip timekeeping. The competitor must have a correctly placed chip, otherwise the time will not be measured. The timer is started by running out of the start and stops when the finish is reached. Start is made individually at intervals. Competitors will be taken down by elevator.

Run up the stairs from the 1st floor to the 30th floor. The interval start is at the main entrance to the building, then the competitor passes about 25 m around the elevators to the beginning of the concrete staircase.


The ascent to each floor includes stairs with a mezzanine, the stairs are 15 cm high, their step is 30 cm, the slope of the staircase is 27.60 ° (1.NP – 3.NP) and then 26.57 ° (3.NP – 30.NP). In total, competitors will climb 631 steps to the finish of the race. After that, they can climb 64 more metal steps to the very top of the AZ Tower outside the competition. Competitors can use railings as support while running.

Start intervals. In the first wave, elite runners start, then groups by starting numbers (1-50, 51-100, 101-150, etc.) The preliminary schedule of the start of the first competitor of the group will be published in advance and announced on the spot by the moderator. Within the groups, we recommend sorting by starting numbers, but it will not be strictly required or sanctioned. At the same time, the organizer reserves the right to decide on the order of competitors and determine the starting interval even during the race.

Attach the starting number to your chest.

You will receive the chip in the starting corridor. Attach it to the right or left leg – the strap is part of the chip. Check the chip fastening before starting. Without the chip, you will not be measured time. Hand over the chip immediately after finishing at the finish.

Technical facilities: In the area of facilities for competitors in the AZ Tower building there will be a room with the possibility of storing things (1.NP entrance from the outside of the building to the left of the main entrance) and toilets (3.NP). There will also be portable toilets in front of the AZ Tower.

Refreshments: After the race, you will get a drink right after the finish on the 30th floor.

Medical service: Emergency medical services will be available. After running to the 30th floor, please hand over the chip and try not to block the finish of the other competitors. Move to the area designated for refreshment and relaxation and take advantage of the opportunity to climb to the very top of the AZ Tower.

On the observation deck you can take a memorial photo. It will be available on the website for free download.

Back down, take the lifts that are in 28.NP. Reach them by stairs from the 30th floor to the 28th floor along the outer edge of the staircase. Please be considerate and always make room for still competing runners. The race system is one-round. All registered competitors complete one run.

Official results: The results will be continuously published via livetiming, the QR code for access to the web application will be located on the ground floor of the building and near the timer.

Information for spectators: Entry to the race stairs or to the top of the building will not be possible for spectators and visitors!

Collection of starting numbers: The starting number will be issued based on the name or ID that was assigned during registration and sent to the e-mail. The starting number does not have to be picked up by the competitor in person.


Absolute ranking: The first three competitors in the men/women category.

Czech Championship: The first three competitors in the men/women category with Czech citizenship receive cups and the winner becomes the Champion of the Czech Republic in running up the stairs for 2024.

Next category:

MA (men A) 18 – 39 years

ŽA (women A) 18 – 34 years

MB (men B) 40 – 49 years

ŽB (women B) 35 – 45 years

MC (men C) 50+ years

ŽC (women C) 46+ years

The year of birth is decisive for inclusion in the category

Juniors up to 18 years of age can participate only with the consent of their responsible representatives and are obliged to submit a completed and signed Affidavit of the legal representative when picking up the starting numbers.

Announced bonuses and prizes for the winners:

For the first three competitors of the men’s and women’s category in the absolute ranking.

The first three in each category of both races will receive a commemorative plaque and small material prizes.

Announced bonuses – overall ranking M/F:

1st place 1000 CZK

2nd place 500 CZK

3rd place 300 CZK

Program of the starting day:

from 8:00 On-site registration

9:30 – 10:00 Preparing competitors for the start

10:00 – Interval start Announcement 20 minutes after finishing the last competitor

The exact time schedule will be determined according to the number of competitors on the day of the race.

Entry fee:

Until 20/09/2024 – 550 CZK

At the door – 650 CZK

The entry fee of the main race includes:

  • commemorative participation medal
  • starting number with name (valid for paid registrations until 20/09/2024) refreshments
  • electronic time measurement
  • medical service

The entry fee is non-refundable in accordance with the terms and conditions. It is possible to transfer the entry fee to another participant.

Registration of newcomers will still be possible on site during the race. 

Parking: On the day of the race it is possible to park around the AZ Tower in open areas. The nearest public transport stop is Strážní (bus no. 60).


  • The race can only be attended by registered and registered competitors who presented themselves and paid the starting fee in the prescribed amount
  • Each competitor must have a visibly placed starting number (not on the back) and also the chip must be placed according to the organizer’s instructions throughout the race
  • Time is measured from running through the starting photocell to running through the finish. This time decides the final ranking
  • All competitors are forbidden to use any means of transport and lifts during the race Running off the marked track is prohibited. Violation of this rule is grounds for disqualification
  • The race takes place in any weather. The race director has the right to cancel or interrupt the race under serious circumstances. Especially with regard to the health of competitors
  • All participants are responsible for their sufficient physical condition and condition All participants are fully responsible for their own safety and start at their own risk
  • All competitors are obliged to respect the regulations and instructions of the organizers
  • The organizer is not responsible for any damage to health or property caused by participation in the race or its monitoring
  • The organizer reserves the right to interrupt or terminate registration without prior notice
  • Registration is valid only after the amount has been credited to the organizer’s account. If the amount is not credited to the organizer’s account within 3 days of registration, it will be cancelled
  • Decisive for the amount of the entry fee is the date of creation of the registration
  • The registration fee (entry fee) is non-refundable in full In the case of personal registration, the entry fee must be paid in cash and in full
  • The organizer reserves the right to waive the entry fee in selected cases

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