Race 5|10 mil Brnem starts on Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 8 pm on the Husova street in Brno. The children’s race starts at 6:30pm, Charity run at 7pm at the same place.

Starting set pick-up takes place:

  • on Friday, September 22 from 12 to 6 pm in the BehejBrno.com store at Gorkého 40
  • on Saturday, September 23 from 3 to 7 pm in the gym Pod Hradem at Údolní 3

In the gym Pod Hradem there will be changing rooms, toilets, showers and the possibility to store things available during Saturday. Toilets will be in front of the Hotel International at Husova street, too.

The route of the race and safety:

Please be aware of route specifics – especially watch your steps on the stairs and when running through and out of the Kasematy at Spilberk Castle with reduced ceiling height. For security reasons we do not recommend using headphones or other audio devices during the race. Use of headlamps included in the starting set for the first 700 registered is recommended.

Race system:

Competitors of 5 miles run one lap, competitors of 10 miles run two laps. Both groups start at the same time. Check the visibility of the start number on your chest and fix the chip properly on your leg. Without the chip your time will not be measured.


There are two refreshment stations for competitors – first one at Spilberk Castle (approx. 4th km) and the second one in the start/finish area at Husova street (approx. 8th km). Each competitor will receive refreshments after the race in the finish area, too.


Each participant will receive their race time by message. Official results will be published on the web site.

For more information please refer to the race regulations.